Almost all of the tools we sell are made in America, either by us or others.  Our wooden tools are hand crafted in our own workshop from domestic and exotic hardwoods. We take great care in the working and finishing of each item to create yarn handling tools that will last for many years of use and enjoyment.  Quality tools make your knitting time more pleasurable and productive. 

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Darning Eggs
Our hand turned wood darning eggs are made by us in our workshop. They are made from domestic and ex..
Nostepinnes are tools used for hand winding yarn into a center pull ball. Sometimes they are referre..
Sock Keeper
Have you seen this in Interweave Knits? We were featured in Fall 2010 issue! Our very own Sock Ke..
Yarn Ball Winder II
A plastic and metal hand operated yarn ball winder, sometimes known as a wool winder, that is used f..
Yarn Bowls
Our wood bowls are made in our own workshop. We have 5 size ranges currently in stock. The 2 largest..
Yarn Bowls-Leather
Our leather yarn bowls, which are made in our own workshop, can be used for yarn or most anythi..
Yarn Boxes
Our wood yarn boxes, which are made in our own workshop, are designed to hold your yarn while you ar..
Yarn Swift
Our table top yarn swift is made by hand in our own workshop. They are individually cut, s..
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