Nostepinnes - Walnut

Nostepinnes - Walnut
Nostepinnes - Walnut
Brand: Knitting Notions
Product Code: NOSTE-WNT
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Nostepinnes are tools used for hand winding yarn into a center pull ball. Sometimes they are referred to as winding sticks or yarn ball winders. The smooth end is for winding the yarn onto which will leave a soft center when the yarn is removed from the nostepinne; this prevents the ball from having too much tension in it.

We turn our wood nostepinnes from domestic and exotic hardwoods. They are sanded to a fine, smooth finish and linseed oil is then applied followed by a final coat of wax. This creates a very smooth and lasting finish which shows off the beauty of the wood's natural grain and color.

They have an average diameter of about 1" and vary in length from 9" to 10.5".

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